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We manufacture activated bleaching earth with some specifications for refinery and decolorizing of crude palm oil, coconut oil, soya-beans oil, corn oil, sunflower oil; also for recycling waste cooking oil and waste engine oil.

Our activated bleaching earth products are safe for human and highly effective for oil refinery, we have several certificates and we have ‘halal’ certificate also. Capacity of our activated fuller’s earth factory is 12,000 metric tons per year.

Our activated bleaching earth factory locate at Desa Babat Kabupaten Legok Tangerang Jawa Barat, near the fullers earth raw material area. Our fuller’s earth factory has 7,500 square meters land and 3,000 square meters buildings; with modern activated bleaching earth processing machines.

We have been manufactured activated bleaching earth for 9 years since the year 2,000 and we have served local customers. This year 2012 we have been ready to sell our activated bleaching earth worldwide.

There are two kinds of fuller’s earth raw material near our factory location. Calcium Magnesium fuller’s earth and Natrium fullers earth.

Ca, Mg-fullers earth is used for absorption material, bleaching agent, catalisator, moulding at steel industry, addition for animal food etc.

Natrium fuller’s earth is a kind of monmorillonite clay that has a specific character, Natrium fuller’s earth volume inflates very much if its met with water.

Because of this character, Na-fullers earth is used for drilling mud at oil exploration, fullers clay at civil construction, addition at wall-paint, printing-ink industry, addition at latex processing etc.

This time we only produce activated Calcium magnesium bleaching earth, next year (2013) we manufacture activated Natrium fullers earth also.

Activated Bleaching Earth | Fullers Earth | Fuller’s Earth